About us

Our company has been manufacturing electric kickbikes for many years. Over the years, we have been gradually developing and polishing our products to eventually offer them in the shape they have today.

We have also opened a rental store, which means that all innovations, components and design are immediately tested by the general public. The kickbikes are used by all generations, by people of all professions and skills. We are sure the 2017 kickbike models are ready to perform just like you want them to.

First, the kickbike shock-absorbing elements were tested in computer simulations, to see how much they can take. Further testing followed, in accordance with very strict internal standards of ours. These are much more demanding than standards and recommendations generally applied to kickbikes. The batteries were optimised, to achieve the highest efficiency possible.

Construction of our products is copyright-protected. For future we have got some bold ideas and these will be introduced to you step by step on our social networks and this website.

In case you are looking for an eco-friendly vehicle to take you shopping, to work, school, visit your friends or family, if you are disabled and need assistance or if you just want to enjoy travelling, do sports, have fun, open a rental store or advertise your company, you have come to the right address. Construction of our products is copyright-protected.



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