Electric footbikes

Our electric footbikes are made for all who like adventure and having fun. You can choose the footbike with respect to the surface you think you will spend most time on. Each variety offers several motor power levels, ranging from 1000 W to 3000 W, and also various battery capacities, enabling you to ride longer distances.

Our footbikes are manufactured from high quality materials and first-class components. Before expedition, we test each footbike on testing stations, developed specifically for this purpose. This means that you will always get a footbike that is not only perfectly functional, but also inspected and tuned, later requiring just basic servicing, similar to the one applied to bicycles.


Our foot bikes are designed primarily for OFF-ROAD use. Please check your local, state and country regulations whether single-track, motorized
electric vehicles are legal for road use in your area. Davebike foot bikes are not homologated for road use in the European Union.

Non-electric footbikes

Derived from the electric footbikes, the non-electric models are lighter, thus offering more fun when going down a hill. Besides being faster, you will also gain more control over the vehicle. Unfortunately, there is no engine to assist you as you ride on a plane or up a hill and you will need to muscle your way forward.




    Universal adventure footbike. Handles both tarmac and tougher terrains.
    Top class of our footbikes, made to endure very rough surfaces and downhills.





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